[PATCH] phy: Add MOXA RTL8201CP PHY support

Grant Likely grant.likely at secretlab.ca
Mon Nov 11 10:30:02 EST 2013

On Mon, 4 Nov 2013 09:51:24 -0800, Florian Fainelli <f.fainelli at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2013/11/4 Jonas Jensen <jonas.jensen at gmail.com>:
> > This is why I ended up setting PHY_IGNORE_INTERRUPT and the comment
> > about its effectiveness. Polling works but the extra reads on the bus
> > seem unnecessary.
> > Ideas how they can be eliminated are appreciated.
> As of today, the only way to work around it is not to use
> of_mdiobus_register() and use mdiobus_register() directly which will
> allow you to properly describe such a configuration.

of_mdiobus_register() can be changed. One option: If the caller knows
what it wants to happen in the case of no interrupt, then it can be
added as an argument to of_mdiobus_register(). No need to work around
this in an ugly way.

Is setting the irq to PHY_POLL something that should be done for the
entire bus, or only for a handful of PHYs?


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