MVEBU PCI Express support

Greg itooo at
Mon May 6 10:58:04 EDT 2013

Le 06/05/2013 14:52, Thomas Petazzoni a écrit :
> Dear Greg,
> On Fri, 03 May 2013 19:48:08 +0200, Greg wrote:
>> this one is targeted to the Free Electrons guys : should I start
>> investigating by myself or are you planning to release a patch for
>> supporting PCI express on Marvell Armada* platforms ?
> We have already posted 8 versions of the PCIe patches on this list. The
> last version is
> However, this patch set has a few dependencies, so if you want
> something ready-to-use even if not yet in mainline, I would recommend
> you to have a look at
> This is a 3.8 vanilla kernel into which we have backported a number of
> features/fixes, including the PCIe support.
> We're hoping to get PCIe support in mainline for 3.11.
> Thanks Thomas,

Sorry I'm not yet very familiar with all this (patches, repos, 
backports, branches, ...).
I'll give a try to the backport you suggest and, hopefully, get back to 
you with some feedback.


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