[PATCH 1/2] video: Add support for the Solomon SSD1307 OLED Controller

Maxime Ripard maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com
Tue Sep 25 06:06:58 EDT 2012

Hello Florian,

Le 21/09/2012 16:04, Maxime Ripard a écrit :
> Le 20/09/2012 18:33, Maxime Ripard a écrit :
>> This patch adds support for the Solomon SSD1307 OLED
>> controller found on the Crystalfontz CFA10036 board.
>> This controller can drive a display with a resolution up
>> to 128x39 and can operate over I2C or SPI.
>> The current driver has only been tested on the CFA-10036,
>> that is using this controller over I2C to driver a 96x16
>> OLED screen.
>> Signed-off-by: Maxime Ripard <maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com>
>> Cc: Brian Lilly <brian at crystalfontz.com>
> Would you consider merging this patch or review it?
> It has been around for quite some time now and has not received any
> comments for at least the 2 last versions, so I guess there is not much
> left holding it back (unless, of course, if you have some comments to
> address), and I really would like to have it in 3.7.

I guess we missed the 3.7 merge here. That's no big deal, but I sent the
patch series on a regular basis, starting 07/17 (sent new versions on
07/31, 08/23, 09/05 and 09/20), addressed all the issues that were
raised, and never got any feedback from you, either positive or
negative. The patches affecting the MX28 device trees have already been
merged by Shawn Guo into its tree, so only the driver and the bindings
remain to be merged. So I'm kind of lost on what should I do here?

Is it because I have an obviously broken driver or you don't have enough
time, or you don't want to merge drivers for such type of low resolution
controllers, or any other reason?

Thanks for your answer,

Maxime Ripard, Free Electrons
Kernel, drivers, real-time and embedded Linux
development, consulting, training and support.

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