vexpress issues in next-20121029

Stephen Warren swarren at
Mon Oct 29 16:24:48 EDT 2012


I see two issues on vexpress in next-20121029:

1) At compile-time: v2m_timer_init() and v2m_dt_timer_init() reference
functions vexpress_clk_init() and vexpress_clk_of_init() respectively,
which don't appear anywhere in the source tree.

2) With those calls commented out, I find that
vexpress_sysreg_init_leds() is device_initcall, and so executes even
when not running on vexpress HW. This crashes on Tegra (which I have
converted to single-zImage locally).

These appear to come from the following commits:

0891642 ARM: vexpress: Start using new Versatile Express infrastructure
568e5e4 mfd: Versatile Express system registers driver

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