Configure the USB device/host on sam9g25 module

Zhong Li zql at
Thu Nov 15 11:56:52 EST 2012

It is a hardware configuration problem.  You must use a type-A mini USB cable.

Martin Peevski <martin at> wrote:

>      Hi,
>    I'm working with sam9g25 module placed on sam9x5-ek. sam9g25 has 2 
>host USB's and 1 device/host USB (on the micro USB of sam9x5-ek). Both 
>USB hosts accept mass storage devices and works correct. It was 
>impossible to do 2 things with the USB device/host (placed on the micro
>USB of sam9x5-ek):
>      1. Put in it mass storage device - the kernel want not to 
>enumerate it and give it an name (for example sda, sdb, ...). What I 
>must do in the config file of kernel to be recognized the inserted mass
>storage device?
>     2. Connect cable from the micro USB to any of the host USB's and 
>detect USB serial gadget.
>I tryed to make some configs for both problems in the kernel but it 
>don't works. Can you, please, help me solve these problems?
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