[PATCH 0/2] ARM: EXYNOS4: Enhancement of System MMU

Kukjin Kim kgene.kim at samsung.com
Wed Mar 16 01:59:42 EDT 2011

Kyungmin Park wrote:
> > Cc'ed Marek.
> >
> > As I said before, Marek's SystemMMU driver has some problems.
> >
> > One is that it allocates 4MB virtual memory at once. It is really a
> > because, the device memory manager must knows the peculiarity and
> > it. Otherwise, page tables can be overwritten...
> Are there device drivers using system MMU at mainline? or example codes?
> In case of Marek's patches, he posted drivers codes and tested at
> multimedia stack.
> Another one is what's the difference between MFC drivers case and
> one?
This driver does not have dependency on other device drivers, I thought.

> and I hope you read this mail thread.
> http://www.mentby.com/Group/linux-kernel/patch-maintainers-update-msm-
> maintainers.html
> Cite from Linus words.
> Actually, "the community" (not that there really is any such cohesive
> thing) generally asks that vendors be "involved". Not that vendors be
> "exclusively in control". There's a big difference.
Already I read his comments at that time.

> I feel you control the s5p codes for vendor purpose.
I'm afraid that you think so. I will try my best to advancement of Linux.


Best regards,
Kukjin Kim <kgene.kim at samsung.com>, Senior Engineer,
SW Solution Development Team, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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