[RFC PATCHv1 0/2] Export SoC info through sysfs

Maxime Coquelin maxime.coquelin-nonst at stericsson.com
Thu Mar 10 08:36:27 EST 2011

Hi Eduardo,

On 03/10/2011 02:05 PM, Eduardo Valentin wrote:
>> The first patch introduces the common part, which provides an interface to the platform to register its name, and exports platform-defined IDs to user-space.
>> The IDs strings can be provided in two ways: either with a pointer to the string, or by a callback returning the string.
> Do you mind refreshing my memory why we need two ways of providing data to these attributes?
> I mean, I think if we provide the attribute value during registration time should be enough
> and simpler.
> Unless you guys are talking about attributes with changes over the time, I don't really see
> the need for the callback there. At least from the original scope, I don't see any attributes
> which would be exported under soc info which would change over the time.
> Or am I missing something?

It would be simpler indeed. But I don't know what are other SoC vendors 
needs, does someone need to export a piece of information which may 
change at runtime? If we all agree that providing a string at 
registration is enough, I'll remove it.

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