[PATCHv1] ARM: imx: Add support for low power suspend on MX51.

Arnaud Patard (Rtp) arnaud.patard at rtp-net.org
Wed Mar 2 14:35:16 EST 2011

<Dinh.Nguyen at freescale.com> writes:


> From: Dinh Nguyen <Dinh.Nguyen at freescale.com>
> Adds initial low power suspend functionality to MX51.
> Supports "mem" and "standby" modes.

I've very quickly tried suspend to mem on my system and despite having set
some irq as wakeup source, it doesn't wake up. Is there some extra step
to be done in order to test your patch ?

Moreover, the code I've seen for suspend is very different. It's seems
to handle some cpufreq stuff and seems to be copying some code into some
special ram. Is all this stuff unneeded ?


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