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Mon Jun 27 16:47:34 EDT 2011

It's far simpler to debug a "my decompressor crashes with a CRC error"
report than "I'm not getting any output after loading the kernel".

The former normally causes an immediate "you have a problem with your
SDRAM connectivity".  The latter requires some thinking and
investigation, and probably several exchanges via email to debug.

So, for the sake of not having more problems to solve, I am opposed
to this idea.  IMHO debuggability for people working on the kernel
trumps the push by distros to have a single kernel image.

Well, actually, no it doesn't - provided they pick up the debugging of
those bug reports and provide the resources to manage that themselves
(allowing other people who don't want the additional workload this
imposes to purely ignore such reports.)

Or to put it another way: I'll ignore all "my kernel doesn't produce
anything" bug reports if this goes in.

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