Status of arch/arm in linux-next

Dave Jones davej at
Fri Apr 29 16:15:22 EDT 2011

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 02:15:08PM -0400, Dave Jones wrote:

 >  > Indeed.  So in my opinion it makes sense to move code into the drivers
 >  > directory, at least the code that's going to be used by multiple platforms
 >  > (that need not be a complete driver).
 > Ok, so my opinion on this has changed a little over the weekend.
 > I don't totally hate it now, but I'm still not a huge fan.
 > That said, I won't stand in the way if this is what everyone agrees is
 > the way forward.
 > in I moved the x86 drivers over.  Someone look it over ?
 > If that looks like what you all had in mind, start sending me the patches
 > for other arches, and I'll get them queued up for .40

FYI, this is now on the 'move-drivers' branch in cpufreq.git
Unless there's a good reason not to, I'm going to start pushing this to Linus
next merge window.


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