amba_pl022 spi->mode fix/cleanup patches

Kevin Wells kevin.wells at
Mon Sep 13 12:52:51 EDT 2010

> 2010/9/10  <wellsk40 at>:
> > This patch series updates drivers and platforms that depend on the
> > amba_pl022 driver and use the pl022_config_chip structure for
> > setting up the SPI mode and data transfer width.
> I get regressions from the ab8500-spi.c driver from this patch:
> > ssp-pl022 ssp0: ARM PL022 driver, device ID: 0x01080022
> > pl022: mapped registers from 0x80002000 to d0834000
> > ab8500-spi spi0.0: unknown chip, revision: 0x80
> > ab8500-spi: probe of spi0.0 failed with error -22
> The 0x80 above used to be 0x00 before these patches.
> So all of a sudden bit 7 gets set...
> I don't know why this happens, probably some flag that used to
> be set had not been properly propagated in the first patch to alter
> the AB8500 device registration?

I found a bug in the SPI driver for the SPHA field. This would effect
SPI mode 1/3 users. Can you please try it once more with the fix?
(see fix in patch email)
I was hoping these changes would be very minor, but I have limited
hardware to do SPI testing without resorting to loopback mode.


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