QNAP TS-209 broken by "orion/kirkwood: reset PCIe unit on boot"

Saeed Bishara saeed at marvell.com
Thu Oct 21 09:39:09 EDT 2010

>> I noticed that 2.6.36-rc no longer boots on my QNAP TS-209.  I get
>> some output but then the machine resets.
>> I've bisected it down to the patch "orion/kirkwood: reset 
>PCIe unit on
>> boot".  I remember this patch was controversial when it was proposed.
>> Looks like it breaks at least one orion5x machine.  Maybe the patch
>> should be reverted for now or only be called on kirkwood.
>According to the log, you did agree with that patch at the time.
>Keeping it causes breakage.  Removing it causes breakage too.  So I'd 
>much prefer if a solution to solve both breakages was merged instead.
We couln't pinpoint the root cause of this issue, actually we failed to reproduce that issue.
Nico, I suggest to apply the orion_pcie_reset() only for the boards we the issue had been observed.

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