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Am 08.02.2010 14:13, schrieb Fabian Godehardt:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag 04 Februar 2010 09:57:51 schrieb Manuel Stahl:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a question regarding the atmel-mci/at91_mci driver merge.
>> Actually I have an at91rm9200 device which get's an CRC error while
>> inializing an SD-card. I guess it's because of an at91rm9200 errata:
>> - Data Endianess inversion from the MCI to MMC or SD Card
>> The at91_mci driver did some byte swapping in 'at91_mci_sg_to_dma'
>>   function. Where would I implement this in the atmel-mci driver?
>> Attached is the kernel log when I insert a card.
> Some time ago i had a 9200 with 2.6.20 where i had similar problems (AFAIR).
> My workaround was to reduce the frequency on card initialization (somewhere on
> probe() ):
> 	mmc->f_min = 325000;
> and deactivating 4WIRE mode.
> Maybe this also helps in your case.

Unfortunately this is not the problem. The SD-card works fine with the 
old at91_mci driver, but not with the newer atmel-mci. The problem is 
that I need both slots at the same time, so at91_mci is no option for me.

In the second slot there is a WLAN card which gets timeouts after 
successful firmware load with at91_mci but does not work with atmel-mci.

I have exactly the same setup with an AVR32 processor, there both 
devices work. With the atmel-mci driver obiously.

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