libertas-sdio performance improvement

ashwath narasimhan ashwath.narasimhan at
Tue Oct 19 13:06:03 EDT 2010

 I am using Harmony boards (arm cpu) supplied by nvidia which uses the
marvell 8686 chip. I am using the libertas, libertas_sdio (2.6.35) drivers
in compatibility mode with the 2.6.32 kernel. When I ran netperf client on
the harmony board (2.6.32), I am obtaining a performance of 11.5 Mbps.
However, when I run netperf client on my laptop (intel wifi chipset)
connected to the same access point, I am obtaining a performance of 14Mbps.
I understand that I am comparing apples and grapes wrt the hardware and
firmware. But I am curious as to why there is a significant performance
degradation (~2-3 Mbps) when I am using libertas over sdio interface? Should
I be expecting this in libertas_sdio?

The access point is a linksys wireless router operating in the g-mode.

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