[LEDE-DEV] procd mount wrong amount fo ram!

Nishant Sharma codemarauder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 23:00:22 PST 2018


On Friday 26 January 2018 04:18 AM, Ansuel Smith wrote:
> https://forum.lede-project.org/t/no-space-left-in-tmp/11000/14
> Here you can find details about problem i find.
> In short. My setup have zram-swap and procd set to mount /tmp with
> zram... This result in /tmp mounted with zram with only 11 mb of my
> 512.... (even after i remove swap script...) If someone can explain me
> why... i think this is a bug and this broke sysupgrade, as it needs to
> upload the image in tmp, a 14 mb image to a 11 mb dir... Also
> sysupgrade from luci should detect that the upload was not complete
> and not say that the image provided is not valid...

I did this while compiling images and left with just around same amount 
of /tmp even when I had 2 GB of RAM on board.

Once I disabled the option "procd uses RAM to mount /tmp" and only 
enabled the "ZRAM Swap", it was back to normal.

I am not sure why it creates such a small zram device for /tmp when swap 
device is around 50% of RAM.


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