[LEDE-DEV] Finding Release snapshots/URLs for the "Release"

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Sat Jan 28 06:35:19 PST 2017

Hi Rich,

> 1) When I got to downloads.lede-project.org, I see the following
> directory structure: [...] I do NOT see any targets under the
> /releases directory. Why?

I intentionally hid the "17.01-SNAPSHOTS" directory because it is not a
fixed (as in non-moving) build, it merely reflects the build output of
the current branch HEAD.

> 2) Why doesn't the /releases directory mirror the /snapshots
> directory?

Because releases are structured slightly differently.

> 3) I have discovered that the release images are available
> /releases/17.01-SNAPSHOT/  Is this what we should document?

No, please do not document that particular directory, see below.

> 4) It's really confusing to talk about (and document) the release
> candidates and the daily "trunk" builds. Currently, image file names
> for stable build candidates contain the word "snapshot", while trunk
> builds (in the /snapshots directory) do not:

Those images are not stable build candidates but merely release branch
snapshots, thats why they contain the word "snapshot" and also why
they're currently hidden from the toplevel directory.

I instructed the buildbot to produce tagged rc1 builds today, those will
be true, fixed release candidate images which do not move.

Once built, those images will appear in /releases/17.01.0-rc1/ and
remain unchanged. In addition to that, there will be a corresponding
"v17.01.0-rc1" tag in the repository which can be used to reproduce this
particular images.

The /releases/17.01.[0-9]* directories (once existing) which are not
hidden are the ones that should be documented and referred to as fixed

> 5) What is the naming scheme for the final 17.01 image URLs?

The RCs will be:


The finals will be:


> 6) When we release a new version (say, 17.06), what will those URLs
> be?

The RCs will be:


The finals will be:


> We'll adjust the documentation to match the results of this
> discussion. Thanks.

I appreciate your efforts on this, thank you :)

~ Jo

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