[LEDE-DEV] Finding Release snapshots/URLs for the "Release"

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 16:25:06 PST 2017

A couple questions about the release images and what we want to call them:

1) When I got to downloads.lede-project.org, I see the following directory structure:


I do NOT see any targets under the /releases directory. Why? 

2) Why doesn't the /releases directory mirror the /snapshots directory?

3) I have discovered that the release images are available /releases/17.01-SNAPSHOT/  Is this what we should document?

4) It's really confusing to talk about (and document) the release candidates and the daily "trunk" builds. Currently, image file names for stable build candidates contain the word "snapshot", while trunk builds (in the /snapshots directory) do not:

	Stable candidate: lede-17.01-snapshot-r3032-36db143-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
	Trunk build: lede-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v2-il-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

So both have the name "snapshot" in their URL. Is this the desired naming scheme for release candidate builds?

5) What is the naming scheme for the final 17.01 image URLs?

6) When we release a new version (say, 17.06), what will those URLs be?

We'll adjust the documentation to match the results of this discussion. Thanks.


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