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Wed Jan 18 11:17:39 PST 2017

> On Jan 16, 2017, at 1:37 PM, Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io> wrote:
> this is just a heads-up to inform you that LEDE master has been branched
> into a new branch "lede-17.01" now.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Release Notes. Here's the current state: If you think something's missing, please go to the site and update this page: https://lede-project.org/playground/draft-release-notes 



LEDE 17.xx First Stable Release - MMM 2017

    /        /\      _    ___ ___  ___
   /  LE    /  \    | |  | __|   \| __|
  /    DE  /    \   | |__| _|| |) | _|
 /________/  LE  \  |____|___|___/|___|                      lede-project.org
 \        \   DE /
  \    LE  \    /  -----------------------------------------------------------
   \  DE    \  /    Reboot (HEAD, rxxxxx)
    \________\/    -----------------------------------------------------------

The LEDE Project (“Linux Embedded Development Environment”) is a Linux operating system based on OpenWrt. It is a complete replacement for the vendor-supplied firmware of a wide range of wireless routers and non-network devices. See the Table of Hardware for supported devices. For more information about LEDE Project organization, see the About LEDE pages.

Get LEDE Firmware at: http://downloads.lede-project.org/

Highlights In LEDE 17.xx

The LEDE Community is proud to announce the first stable release of LEDE 17.xx. It incorporates thousands of commits over the last nine months of effort. With this release, the LEDE development team closes out an intense effort to modernize many parts of OpenWrt and incorporate many new modules, packages, and technologies. These are some of the highlights compared to OpenWrt Chaos Calmer:

Would it be possible to include a “More…” link for some/most of these features? People love to read more about the work that has been done. See the SQM item (below) for an example.

	• Linux kernel updated to version 4.4.42
	• Improved Security Features
		• Memory Corruption Mitigation Methods
			• gcc -Wformat -Wformat-security
			• User space Stack-Smashing Protection (Regular)
			• Kernel space Stack-Smashing Protection (Regular)
			• buffer-overflows detection (FORTIFY_SOURCE) (Conservative)
			• RELRO protection (Full)
		• …
	• Improved Networking Support
		• Smart Queue Management (SQM) minimizes bufferbloat by using the cake and fq_codel qdisc's. More...
		• Improvements to the WiFi stack eliminating bufferbloat on ath9k (and some ath10k) chipsets
		• …
	• Improved Performance
		• …
	• Updated toolchain
		• musl 1.1.15
		• gcc 5.4.0
		• binutils 2.25.1
	• Platform and Driver Support
		• Lantiq
			• Added redistributable DSL firmware
			• Updated DSL phy drivers
		• Added new targets:
			• apm821xx (AppliedMicro APM821xx)
			• arc770 (Synopsys DesignWare ARC 770D)
			• archs38 (Synopsys DesignWare ARC HS38)
			• armvirt (QEMU ARM Virtual Machine)
			• ipq806x (Qualcomm Atheros IPQ806X)
			• layerscape (NXP Layerscape)
			• zynq (Xilinx Zynq 7000 SoCs)
		• …
	• New build system supports easier branches and ???
		• Building different root file systems for different devices at once
	• Added support for a many new routers and boards
	• And lots and lots of other advancements…
As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters, and supporters.

Have fun!

The LEDE Community

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