[LEDE-DEV] [RFC] [PULL REQUEST] rt2x00 patches from OpenWrt.org

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Fri Jan 13 07:59:59 PST 2017

> The advantage of pull requests is that author information can be
> preserved more easily. Running git format-patch results in most
> patches
> having wrong SMTP sender information due to the assumption that the
> patch author is the same person also submitting the patch.
> So in practise, this would either require changing the From: (and
> thus
> Author) to myself or having most mails eaten by anti-spam measures
> due
> to non-matching SPF which prohibits my SMTP to send mail on behalf of
> the original authors of the patches.

This is completely untrue. If the first line of the *body* of the email
is "From: ..." then this is preserved as the author information by git
am, and doing so is also the default in git format-patch/send-email
when the author doesn't match the email configuration.


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