[LEDE-DEV] Image Wizard for LEDE?

Ufo ufo at rund.freifunk.net
Mon Jan 2 08:57:39 PST 2017

for "Freifunk Leipzig" we are using Meshkit since years.  yes, its done 
via a VM. We are forced to compile the whole LEDE (or openwrt) by 
ourself every month in order to have ALL packages properly. (f.i. to use 
"luci2" or "rpcd-mod-alfred" or sound-drivers..)

i can recommend using our leipzig one, its almost up-to-date and with LEDE:


for ar71xx please use target: ar71xx-lede-20161220
for x86/virt testing: x86-lede-20161121
-community: Freifunk-Leipzig (still in usage and tested), best with 
"expert mode"

for package selection the meshkit is very, very nice. you can add 
package-names (f.i. tcpdump-mini) to package-list in expert mode to have 
that package inside the new kompilieded image. so there is no need to 
post-install packages, and the device is pre-configured when flashing 
(or resetting!) a device :-)

video tutorial howto use meshkit (in 60 seconds) 
video example (with Nanostation M5): 

please test it with devices with  more than 4 MB flash to have complete 
otherwise there is a need for changing package list manually (the image 
would be too big) ..  (delete all lua + "luci-"..... stuff, and add "luci2")

some limitations:
* its mostly used for mesh-devices with OLSR, batman-adv was added 
months ago but you can also try it without mesh-routing (please change 
files in /etc/config afterwards). but there are not presets for that
* the (auto-) update functions of meshkit are not programmed to the end yet
* other freifunk-towns forked this to make package-presets possible. but 
its not gitted upstream yet. (weimarnetz, freifunk berlin, freifunk halle)

some issues:
* "opkg package repository directory management" seems to be changes 
every month with LEDE :-( so you may change it manually when 
post-installation of packages is needed.
* (adv.) LAN-Settings in meshkit are not set for x86-devices, its still with dhcp by default
* normal lede problem: horst doesnt compile anymore since some weeks: 
* problems with newer OLSR jsonplugin: 
https://github.com/openwrt/luci/pull/907 (please help me)
* luci-mod-freifunk: hostname missing: 
* LEDE new wifi named: "default_radio0 / LEDE" 
* multicast ping6 doesnt work outgoing anymore (security feature?) 
* maybe a "normal" problem: channel 1 has less wifi-power than channel 2 
(at least with tplink)

cheers, ufo

there are several meshkit instances online, please see official sources 
(instead of forks) here
* https://github.com/freifunk/meshkit
beware, the official freifunk meshkit is outdated! (at least the 
* http://meshkit.freifunk.net and http://testing.meshkit.freifunk.net

On 02.01.2017 13:51, Alberto Bursi wrote:
> On 01/02/2017 11:23 AM, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Freifunk (or another german site about wifi) also has a webinterface for
>>> the Image Builder. I would really like to have that too.
>> Count me in, I also support this idea. I can lend a hand with
>> implementing stuff.
>> ~ Jo
> Nice, thanks for the offer. I was planning to try setting it up in a VM
> locally after I finished the automated package list indexing script for
> the wiki (within a month or so).
> I had a look at the docs and it should only need some configuration to
> work for LEDE/OWRT, but since I have yet to try it I don't know if there
> are limitations or issues yet.
> If you want to have a look...
> This is the site:
> http://imagebuilder.augsburg.freifunk.net/
> Source and installation docs are here:
> https://github.com/weimarnetz/meshkit
> -Alberto
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