[PATCH] kexec ppc64: fix misaligned cmdline

Michael Neuling mikey at neuling.org
Mon Jun 4 19:56:37 EDT 2007

> > If the cmdline changes between boots, we can get misalignment of the
> > bootargs entry, which in turn corrupts our device tree blob and hence
> > kills our kexec boot.  
> > 
> > Specifically, if the cmdline length was >= 8 before and the new cmdline
> > length is < 8, we can get corruption.
> Hrm.  Have you considered using dtc for this conversion, rather than
> this somewhat dubious looking fs2dt?

Numerous times.  

fs2dt needs to be converted to use the device tree library, but that
will take a lot more work than a 5 minute patch.


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