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Mon Apr 18 08:26:22 PDT 2022

I've been watching email on this list for a few weeks, and see conversations are all source code and issue related.
So I don't know if this is the appropriate list, but appears to be the only community I can find so far.

Before posting my full questions with details (which could be very long), I want to ask if this is the right place, or if there is another community I could discuss it with.

The overall task I need to accomplish is to embed a wired-only 802.1X supplicant into an embedded device. The device uses the TI RTOS. I have the entire TCP/IP stack code in the project, and using WolfSSL.
As it stands now, the entire project it a bit large for the embedded device. So I need to reduce it to just the components required for wired authentication.  The current project also has it's own XML parser, JSON parser, etc., so I know I will need to convert the supplicant to use those APIs due to size constraints.

Naturally I first wanted to see it function correctly using a few Linux machines. To complicate matters, my attempt to run a Linux box with a 802.1X router and Radius server is giving me problems. Having a "ping" thread running, the client stops receiving responses for anywhere from 5 to 50 seconds, then resumes. The supplicant shows activity, the ping responses stop, then it shows more activity, and the ping responses resume.
I have logs from the supplicant and the Radius server. But none have time stamps so it's difficult to line them up.

So that's two issues I'm seeking a support forum: Solving my Linux issue so I have a working reference, and then understand enough to allow migrating the supplicant peer to an RTOS.

Please advice where the best forum is I can seek some assistance.

scotty42 at

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