HostAP / WPA supplicant 'conversation'

Sergio NNX sfhacker
Sat Nov 30 08:11:11 PST 2013

Thanks Antonio for your 'pronto' response.

I've never used pastebin service before, so this may not work. This is the url I got from pastebin:


It shows two logs: hostapd log & wpa_supplicant log.

> If you can't attach the log (strange that google prevents you from
> doing that) you can use any pastebin service and provides us the link
> (not the best option - because because those links will become
> unavailable at some point - but better than nothing).

I've sent two emails to this list and both of them are 'awaiting moderator approval'.

> Why are you trying to run both hostapd and wpa_supplicant on the same
> host? My guess is that you want your host to be an AP and a STA at the
> same time, right?
> I don't think this is allowed by any driver. So you can't do that with
> just 1 wireless device.
> If this is the case, I think wpa_supplicant is failing when trying to
> bring up a second interfaces in managed mode.

The idea behind is that I want to test some applications (e.g. wpa_cli, hostapd_cli, TNC, etc) and/or some functionality (e.g. some EAP methods) and I understood that I had to start: a) hostapd and b) wpa_supplicant in order to achieve that. But I may be wrong, since I'm new to this technology.

If the AP and STA cannot be run on the same box, is there any way around this?

Thanks for time and answers/pointers.


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