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Antonio Quartulli antonio
Sat Nov 30 06:02:54 PST 2013

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On 30/11/13 13:46, Sergio NNX wrote:
> Ciao all.
> This is my very first post on this list. I'm also new to this
> technology, so pardon me if I get things wrong.
> Some context
> * Downloaded the latest source code from Git repository * Typed
> 'make' under 'hostapd' folder * Typed 'make' under 'wpa_supplicant'
> folder * All tests passed successfully (in 'tests' folder) * Tested
> almost all EAP methods (over 15) (e.g. eapol_test .......)
> Issue
> After successfully starting hostapd app, I start wpa_supplicant
> app, but I get the some issues (unable to send this email if I add
> an attachment cotaining the log) I did try to figure out and fix
> this issue on my own (for a couple of days) but without success. I
> also did some Google search but couldn't find anything useful.
> Any help/pointers are more than welcome.

If you can't attach the log (strange that google prevents you from
doing that) you can use any pastebin service and provides us the link
(not the best option - because because those links will become
unavailable at some point - but better than nothing).

Why are you trying to run both hostapd and wpa_supplicant on the same
host? My guess is that you want your host to be an AP and a STA at the
same time, right?
I don't think this is allowed by any driver. So you can't do that with
just 1 wireless device.

If this is the case, I think wpa_supplicant is failing when trying to
bring up a second interfaces in managed mode.


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