HostAP / WPA supplicant 'conversation'

Sergio NNX sfhacker
Sat Nov 30 04:46:40 PST 2013

Ciao all.

This is my very first post on this list. I'm also new to this technology, so pardon me if I get things wrong.

Some context

* Downloaded the latest source code from Git repository
* Typed 'make' under 'hostapd' folder
* Typed 'make' under 'wpa_supplicant' folder
* All tests passed successfully (in 'tests' folder)
* Tested almost all EAP methods (over 15) (e.g. eapol_test .......)


After successfully starting hostapd app, I start wpa_supplicant app, but I get the some issues (unable to send this email if I add an attachment cotaining the log)
I did try to figure out and fix this issue on my own (for a couple of days) but without success. I also did some Google search but couldn't find anything useful.

Any help/pointers are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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