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Antonio Quartulli antonio
Sat Nov 30 08:24:13 PST 2013

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On 30/11/13 17:11, Sergio NNX wrote:
> Thanks Antonio for your 'pronto' response.
> I've never used pastebin service before, so this may not work. This
> is the url I got from pastebin:

that worked, thanks.

> It shows two logs: hostapd log & wpa_supplicant log.
>> If you can't attach the log (strange that google prevents you
>> from doing that) you can use any pastebin service and provides us
>> the link (not the best option - because because those links will
>> become unavailable at some point - but better than nothing).
> I've sent two emails to this list and both of them are 'awaiting
> moderator approval'.

I don't know the policy of the ml. maybe the attachment was too big
(just a guess).

>> Why are you trying to run both hostapd and wpa_supplicant on the
>> same host? My guess is that you want your host to be an AP and a
>> STA at the same time, right? I don't think this is allowed by any
>> driver. So you can't do that with just 1 wireless device.
>> If this is the case, I think wpa_supplicant is failing when
>> trying to bring up a second interfaces in managed mode.
> The idea behind is that I want to test some applications (e.g.
> wpa_cli, hostapd_cli, TNC, etc) and/or some functionality (e.g.
> some EAP methods) and I understood that I had to start: a) hostapd
> and b) wpa_supplicant in order to achieve that. But I may be wrong,
> since I'm new to this technology.
> If the AP and STA cannot be run on the same box, is there any way
> around this?

The problem is not the "same box" but the same "wireless device". In
your log I see you are using eth0, sta0 and the test_driver (which I
have never used, so I don't really know the implications of it).

If it just for testing purposes, why not using mac80211_hwsim? it will
provide you more than one (virtual) radio. You could use one for the
AP and one for the STA.


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