Doubts regarding implementing 802.11r

rupesh sanagapalli srupesh90
Thu Mar 29 20:00:51 PDT 2012


These are the following doubts I have regarding implementing 802.11r
in our driver.

1)After Installing PTK and GTK, supplicant prepares auth_request_frame
for the next ft authentication sequence and informs the
   IEs to the driver through update_ft_ies() function. I haven't found
driver_nl80211.c or driver_wext.c implement this call back. So, how
   our driver get this prepared IEs from supplicant?

2)After ft (Re)association response from access point, we need to pass
IEs to the supplicant to process the response and install the PTK and
GTK. This functionality
   is implemented in the function wpa_ft_validate_reassoc_resp(), but
this function is called only if CONFIG_SME is defined. How to call
this  wpa_ft_validate_reassoc_resp in non SME based drivers.


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