IBSS Association and authentication timeout

Anders Nilsson Plymoth lanilsson
Tue Mar 27 14:46:57 PDT 2012


I am running the latest snapshot version of wpa_supplicant under Android
4.0.2, using the nl80211 driver system. While regular client mode works
perfectly, I can not make the device connect to IBSS networks. My setup its
an open IBSS with no encryption. From logging I can see that the
association process is initiated, and I get the "nl80211: Join IBSS request
sent successfully" message. However, nothing happens and I get a
authentication timeout.

After further inspection I can see that a physical association request
frame is never sent, and that the mlme join ibss event is never triggered.
That is, the wifi chipset (bcm4330) never actually transmits the
association frame. What I do see is a probe request for the SSID, and probe
responses coming back.
I am not sure about the specifics, but I thought association and
authentication was needed in IBSS? Especially for an open network. If so,
why is the code constantly trying to associate, reassociate and get
autentication timeout?
Is the problem in wpa_supplicant, the driver or both?

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