Station not connecting with WPS (2.0), open security using wpa supplicant.

Rajan Vijayaraghavan rajan.vijayaraghavan
Tue Mar 20 01:11:35 PDT 2012

I've a linux laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (2.6.32-33-generic). The
wireless card present is Atheros AR9285.
I use wpa_supplicant with (-ddKt -Dwext -C /var/run/wpa_supplicant) to
connect this laptop with my AP.
The AP is configured with open security, WPS (version 2.0) and config
method keypad. In this scenario,
the station does connect at all. If the security is changed to wpa-psk or
wpa2-psk, the station connects
just fine. The station connects fine in open security when WPS is not used.

I've tried different config methods and different wpa_supplicant versions
(0.6.9, 0.6.10, 0.7.3) but to
no avail. Any pointer is highly appreciated.

Rajan Vijayaraghavan
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