[PROPOSAL] Add hostapd.conf parameter to skip check forneighboring BSS (prevent fallback in 150Mb mode)

Alex Vorona alex
Sat Mar 3 23:00:29 PST 2012


Sorry I cannot find how to reply to existing thread just after subscribe. So I had to use
the same topic name.

Here is hostapd -d start log

Scan for neighboring BSSes prior to enabling 40 MHz channel
Scan requested (ret=0) - scan timeout 10 seconds
Interface initialization will be completed in a callback
nl80211: Event message available
nl80211: Scan trigger
nl80211: New scan results available
Received scan results (4 BSSes)
40 MHz affected channel range: [2422,2472] MHz
Neighboring BSS: cc:96:a0:f5:4a:00 freq=2422 pri=3 sec=7
40 MHz pri/sec mismatch with BSS cc:96:a0:f5:4a:00 <2422,2442> (chan=3+) vs. <2457,2437>
20/40 MHz operation not permitted on channel pri=10 sec=6 based on overlapping BSSes

I can change channel to any between 1 and 10 in hostapd.conf and got the same result.
using HT40- instead HT40+ did not help.

If primary or secondary channel is 11+, I got something like that
nl80211: Failed to set channel (freq=2462): -22 (Invalid argument)
but that's unrelated to the problem, IMHO.

Why  I'm not able to force 40MHz operation in my apartment? OK, I can "hear" neighboring
APs through the concrete walls with low signal quality, so what? This is my apartment, not
neighbors. And even if we share walls or floor, I'm still want to use 40MHz like the
neighbor did. So I had attached quick patch just to disable 20MHz fallback.

I understand you guys trying to make things right, but I use Linux to make things as I
need, and that's why I love it. Being smart is clever but I need an ability to disable this.

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