Network died on laptop, 10-99th time

gene heskett gheskett
Fri Mar 2 15:14:30 PST 2012

Hi All;

Machine, HP dv5100us laptop

OS installed Ubuntu-10.04 LTS so its the same install as on another machine 
that is running an app thats frozen to that kernel.  I figured they may as 
well be the same.

network card in it, bcm4318, disabled, needs run thru a heavy duty paper 
shredder. POC.

networking USB<->wifi dongle netgear WNA3100

This Netgear WNA3100 dongle worked well, with ndiswrapper & the bcmwlhigh5 
driver, from something over a year ago, at 3 different locations including 
the present one in my workshop, but the lappy has been cased for about 6 

I pulled it out of the case & powered it up today, and loadndisdriver now 
fails to load bcmwlhigh5, even if I give it the full path to the unpacked 
driver.  So I try to get ndiswrapper to re-install it, and it claims its 
already installed.

Apparently I am clueless, can I buy one or two from you folks?

Cheers, Gene
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