Use DEVICE+VLAN naming scheme in hostapd

Ben Greear greearb
Mon Jun 25 10:23:16 PDT 2012

On 06/25/2012 07:52 AM, michael-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> OpenWRT switched to the Interface+VlanID naming scheme for vlan devices recently and hostapd only supports the "vlan"+VID scheme. This sometimes leads to race
> conditions, when either system expects the other mode of operation. Although the best solution were to get the kernel return the name of the created interface
> (or let the user configure it), that would require more work. Further I prefer the dev+vid scheme over the "vlan"+VID scheme, as this avoids conflicts were the
> same vlan-id is added to more than one device, so I propose to change hostapd instead of openwrt. If this cannot go upstream, maybe it would still be a good
> thing to have in openwrt, hence the CC to OpenWRT.
> I therefore propose to change hostapd to use dev+vid naming scheme and am attaching a patch.

You can use 'ip' from the 'iproute2' package to create VLANs with a specified
name, in case that helps.


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