Use DEVICE+VLAN naming scheme in hostapd

michael-dev michael-dev
Mon Jun 25 07:52:23 PDT 2012


OpenWRT switched to the Interface+VlanID naming scheme for vlan devices 
recently and hostapd only supports the "vlan"+VID scheme. This sometimes 
leads to race conditions, when either system expects the other mode of 
operation. Although the best solution were to get the kernel return the 
name of the created interface (or let the user configure it), that would 
require more work. Further I prefer the dev+vid scheme over the 
"vlan"+VID scheme, as this avoids conflicts were the same vlan-id is 
added to more than one device, so I propose to change hostapd instead of 
openwrt. If this cannot go upstream, maybe it would still be a good 
thing to have in openwrt, hence the CC to OpenWRT.

I therefore propose to change hostapd to use dev+vid naming scheme and 
am attaching a patch.

Hostap-Signed-Off: M. Braun <michael-dev at>
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