Long delays for a DCHP ACK message being sent after connecting to the Access Point

john dowd jdowdster
Thu Jan 22 07:23:41 PST 2009

I'm posting this having used hostapd for about 2 months now in setting
up a system to demonstrate an application based on wireless networking
and the SIP protocol.

My system requires version 0.6.6 hostapd (minimum) as well as the
rt2x00 kernel from the rt2x00 git repository in order to use a rt73
based chipset. This all does work and is very stable. I startup the PC
and up comes hostapd and the USB wireless dongle is configured as a
proper Access Point using WPA2 and a "perfect key" for encryption. I
start DHCPD and I can start my remote device (it's actually a Openmoko
Neo Freerunner mobile phone) and it will send out its DHCP discover
packets. I can sniff on the Access Point interface end and see that
the remote device is sending the DHCP Discover packets and that DHCPD
is sending the DHCP Offer packets to the device. Usually, this
resolves itself as anyone would expect with the remote device sending

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