Integrating the TPM into wpa_supplicant

Carolin Latze carolin.latze
Wed Jan 23 08:24:09 PST 2008


I just started integrating the openssl-tpm-engine. I added a
tpm_engine_path variable in every file and place where I found
opensc_engine_path. Furthermore, I modified tls_openssl.c a little bit.
I did not a new config option. From my understanding it should be
sufficient to enable CONFIG_SMARTCARD, since this enables the engine (am
I wrong?). Everything compiles fine. For the test I add
tpm_engine_path=/path/to/ If I start wpa_supplicant, I get

Line 18: Invalid configuration line

My wpa_supplicant.conf starts like this:







That does mean, that wpa_supplicant is not able to parse
tpm_engine_path, doesn't it? If I change tpm_engine_path to
opensc_engine_path I do not get that error (I'll get another one, since
I still point to the tpm engine, but that's ok). I tried to grep through
the code to find the file, which causes this error message, but I didn't
find it. It should be sufficient to add the variable tpm_engine_path to


shouldn't it? (well, obviously not :-)) I compared all occurencies of
opensc_engine_path with tpm_engine_path, I don't see any differences...

Does somebody on this list have any idea?


Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 02:06:45PM +0100, Carolin Latze wrote:
>> I had a look at the smart card integration into wpa_supplicant and saw
>> that the smart card is only used to store the private key. The
>> wpa_supplicant just copies the private key from the smart card into its
>> own memory and works as always.
> That's not accurate. OpenSSL engine can be used to perform private key
> operations with wpa_supplicant having to ever see the key. Likewise,
> tls_openssl.c has support for using Windows CryptoAPI for RSA private
> key operations; again, without copying the private key.
> I would assume you could follow either of these options: enhance OpenSSL
> engine to handle the private kehy operations with TPM or implement
> TPM-specific RSA operations in tls_openssl.c (see the CryptoAPI example
> there; e.g., tls_cryptoapi_cert() registers the specific RSA operations
> to get OpenSSL to call CryptoAPI wrappers in tls_openssl.c for RSA
> functions).
>> I had a look at the source code and think, that I have to extend the
>> tls_openssl.c. Is that right? I see, that this file is also responsible
>> for the communication with the smart card, so it seems a good place for
>> the TPM.
> If you are going to be using OpenSSL, yes, that would likely be a good
> location for modifications.
>> Are there more smart card related things in the code? (Yes, I know, in
>> the config file, but are there more?) I mean, is it sufficient to modify
>> tls_openssl.c?
> As far as EAP-TLS is concerned, smartcard access is mostly contained in
> tls_*.c, i.e., in case of OpenSSL, in tls_openssl.c.

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