Integrating the TPM into wpa_supplicant

Carolin Latze carolin.latze
Tue Jan 22 07:45:42 PST 2008


thanks for the detailed answer. I took the time to have again a deeper
look into tls_openssl.c to understand the private key operations. I was
a bit confused about the ENGINE_load_private_key method, which I thought
would load the private key into memory... I think I have to have a
deeper look into this method.

I just start implementing "such" things, I never did that before. Thats
why I didn't think about a TPM engine. When I read your mail, I started
to read about engines and found a TPM engine ( I
will also have a deeper look into that code to understand whats going on
there, but first of all I tried to identify all the changes I have to do
to wpa_supplicant when adding this new engine. I think there are not
many changes... I think, I only have to add a new path (tpm_engine_path
/ to add in several different files and methods), to add a new
tls_engine_load_dynamic_tpm method and to introduce a new CONFIG option.
That should do or do I miss something?

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