Doubt about applying patch to wpa supplicant

Dan Williams dcbw
Sun Jan 13 19:26:54 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 06:27 +0530, Raghavendra. S wrote:
> Hi Jouni and Dan,
>    I saw few of the PATCH releases from Dan in recent past for
> frequency(ad-hoc mode support) and scanning in disconnected state if
> explicit scan command issued.
>   Jouni has replied that he has applied those patches. But when I down
> loaded latest wpa supplicant-0.5.9 from stable branch I could not see
> those patches applied.
>  Whether separate branch is maintained for those patches applied?

There shouldn't be; I think Jouni is just a bit slow in applying the
patches.  All the patches I posted should also be applicable to 0.5.x.


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