Roaming problems

Johannes Berg johannes
Thu Apr 24 02:59:52 PDT 2008

> It's OK, but then the wpa_supplicant needs to 'cancel' current settings in
> the driver before it start prepare for the new AP.
> As I have understood it, that is done by issuing a BSSID of
> 00:00:00:00:00:00. I will look into a patch for that.

No, wpa_supplicant shouldn't have to do that, mac80211 should do that
automatically once a new BSSID comes in. The problem seems to be between
mac80211 and your AP in that mac80211 associates to another AP and then
tries the target one but the target one doesn't like that so we should
at least try to disassociate from the previous one first.

> An other aspect of the selected design. If the driver (STA) is associated
> with an BSSID and the wpa_supplicant would like to change BSSID, who is
> responsible for a proper de- association/authentication from the first BSSID
> ?

mac80211 should be responsible.

> My findings says that the network does not allow an STA to
> associate/authenticate with one BSSID while it still have a valid aid with
> an other BSSID. At least my Cisco AP does not allow that. 

I tend to think that is rather questionable behaviour, how can the
second AP know that you're still in range to the first and can even
disassociate from that one?

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