python-wpactrl: Python extension for wpa_supplicant/hostapd control interface access

Kel Modderman kel
Tue Apr 22 23:20:59 PDT 2008


Recently, I took a detailed look into pywpa [0][1] that Jeremy Moles was
developing two years ago (but seems to have stagnated), and decided to hack on
his work. The result is python-wpactrl:

It presents a python interface to most of the functions in wpa_ctrl.{c,h}
as well as a convenience function for collecting scan results using the new
BSS <id> control interface command in a for loop.

python-wpactrl only supports access to the UNIX domain socket interface (I've
never used any other method).

Is this kind of thing considerable for inclusion into wpa_supplicant source

I had a slightly difficult time separating wpa_ctrl.{c,h} from the development
branch as it now depends on the os_<func> wrappers, strlcopy and so on, so if
there is a chance of getting the extension integrated it is something I'd work
for (providing they work and would be generally useful to somebody...).

Thanks, Kel.


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