Roaming problems

Lars Ericsson Lars_Ericsson
Thu Apr 24 02:55:52 PDT 2008

> > I'm not disputing that as a reasonable approach.  But FWIW for two 
> > years we've been saying it is OK for drivers to use setting SSID as 
> > the only trigger for association.  Is that not your understanding?

Sorry, I din not know that there has been a discussion about the feature of
letting 'SSID set' trigger an association.

It's OK, but then the wpa_supplicant needs to 'cancel' current settings in
the driver before it start prepare for the new AP.
As I have understood it, that is done by issuing a BSSID of
00:00:00:00:00:00. I will look into a patch for that.

An other aspect of the selected design. If the driver (STA) is associated
with an BSSID and the wpa_supplicant would like to change BSSID, who is
responsible for a proper de- association/authentication from the first BSSID

My findings says that the network does not allow an STA to
associate/authenticate with one BSSID while it still have a valid aid with
an other BSSID. At least my Cisco AP does not allow that. 


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