WPA - AP association Issue

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Wed Oct 31 04:16:57 PDT 2007

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Mr. Maloomnahi wrote:
> My AP is set to unique SSID "SEMCO_AP" and thats the same one the
> STA is scannin for.

Well, according to the config file that isn't getting read in, that's
true.  But wpa_supplicant doesn't know it.

I think if you figure out the config file issue, everything else will
start working.  :-)

> Once the SSID is set for STA and AP, it never changes unless I
> destroy them. So SSID should not be the issue I feel.

If wpa_supplicant knew what SSID you wanted it to associate with, then
this would be true.  But it doesn't know, because it's not reading the
config file.  I think that's why you're associating with other networks,
and it's entirely possible that this is also why you're getting
disconnected.  If the config file gets read in, I don't think there's
any reason to use any of the iw* programs on their own if wpa_supplicant
is being used.

> There are many other APs from other offices in the transmission range,
> hence its associating to some other unknown AP which does not have any
> security set.

I assume those APs have a different SSID, correct?

> 2] So according to the Makefile and following lines
> endif
> ifeq ($(CONFIG_BACKEND), file)
> OBJS += config_file.o base64.o
> endif
> It should automatically take the CONF file I specify in the
> wpa_supplicant command line?

If CONFIG_BACKEND is not set to anything in .config, then yes, it will
get set to "file" here, and OBJS will include config_file.o like it

> 3] "make CONFIG_BACKEND=none"
> No I am only running "make" and thats all. So I guess overwriting of
> the backend is not happening.

No overwriting is happening on the "make" command line then.  So now it
only depends on what CONFIG_BACKEND is set to in the .config file when
you build wpa_supplicant.  Can you post that file (if you have it)?

> 4] As per the wpa_supplicant website, the command line that I specify
> and the settings I have done are the standard and hence the CONF file
> should be read perfectly.

If there's any support at all for reading the configuration from a file,

> Could there be any other issue which we have not looked at?

Possibly.  I'd like to verify .config first though.  If it looks like
CONFIG_BACKEND is set to file, then you'll probably have to add more
debugging wpa_printf()s to a few of the functions in config_file.c to
track down why it isn't finding any network configuration blocks.

> I am also trying various other options possible within the WPA
> Supplicant CONF file to see if the association period can be
> increased.
> A] If the WPA is not reading the CONF file, is there any change we
> can make to the .config or makefile to make it happen?

Not the Makefile, but .config, yes.  Set CONFIG_BACKEND=file if it isn't
already (then "make clean" and "make").
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