WPA - AP association Issue

Mr. Maloomnahi maloomnahi
Tue Oct 30 22:27:47 PDT 2007

Hi Bryan,

1] Maybe you need to change the SSID on the access points for your secured network
My AP is set to unique SSID "SEMCO_AP" and thats the same one the STA is scannin for. 
Once the SSID is set for STA and AP, it never changes unless I destroy them. So SSID should not be the issue I feel.
There are many other APs from other offices in the transmission range, hence its associating to some other unknown AP which does not have any security set.

2] So according to the Makefile and following lines

ifeq ($(CONFIG_BACKEND), file)
OBJS += config_file.o base64.o

It should automatically take the CONF file I specify in the wpa_supplicant command line?

3] "make CONFIG_BACKEND=none"
No I am only running "make" and thats all. So I guess overwriting of the backend is not happening.

4] As per the wpa_supplicant website, the command line that I specify and the settings I have done are the standard and hence the CONF file should be read perfectly. 
Could there be any other issue which we have not looked at?
I am also trying various other options possible within the WPA Supplicant CONF file to see if the association period can be increased.

A] If the WPA is not reading the CONF file, is there any change we can make to the .config or makefile to make it happen?
B] Can the explicit compilation of the CONF file from Makefile be worked out?


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