WPA - AP association Issue

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Oct 30 04:15:29 PDT 2007

Hash: RIPEMD160

Mr. Maloomnahi wrote:
> 2] If I do not set the
> SSID, it auto scans the network (asap after ifconfig cmd) and
> associates to another AP in the network which does not have security
> / authentication activated

Maybe that's the issue then.  Maybe you need to change the SSID on the
access points for your secured network (at least until you can get it to
stay associated: then I assume you'll switch security on all the other
APs as well, so you'd be able to change the SSID back).

> 4] iwconfig ath0 key XXXX open was performed to see if the settings
> of WEP key and auth algorithm via command helps the device to
> associate perfectly
> 5] It was found that only when we perform this, the device scans the
> correct AP and associates to the device atleast for 1 minute.

But you shouldn't be using WEP *at* *all*.  At least, I think.  At any
rate, you can't mix WEP and either WPA or WPA2 on a single association.

> 6] On checking the Makefile I found that the CONFIG_BACKEND is set
> to "file"

In the Makefile, yes, but only if it's not set already in the .config
file; see lines 45 and 73-75 of the Makefile.  (And only if it's not
overridden on the "make" command line either, since the command line
values override anything in the Makefile.  Make sure you aren't doing a
"make CONFIG_BACKEND=none" or similar.)

> A] Now the OBJS in the Makefile states only config.o and no
> "config_file.o".

config_file.o, config_winreg.o, or config_none.o are each added later,
assuming CONFIG_BACKEND is set to the appropriate value by the time that
part of the Makefile runs.  See lines 77-88.

> B] Shouldnt the command I specify along with " wpa_supplicant -c
> XXX.conf " automatically take the CONF file for reading and
> compilation?

Not if support for the "file" backend (as opposed to the "winreg"
backend that you can use on Windows) isn't compiled into the binary.  If
there's no support for reading from a file, it won't be able to read
from a file, whether you pass a filename or not.  :-)

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