hostapd with Two interfaces for one AP on linux.

guillaume FOURE foureg
Tue Mar 27 22:50:39 PDT 2007

Hi there,

I using hostapd with madwifi since a few month to build AP's on my
gateways and it works fine (thks a lot to the developers!)

But, now i'm trying to build an AP using ath0 and ath1 from two PCI
card wifi0 and wifi1. The idea is to have two large cables (8 meters)
with antena in two diferents areas and change from ath0 to ath1
So what i need is to put ath0 and ath1 in my hostapd.conf, but i don't know how.
I tried  "interface= { ath0, ath1 } " because it's seems to be the
idea for the Bsd version, but it don't work.

Maybe my request is stupid.... let me know in case :)


Guillaume FOURE
RFC Developpement

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