kiruba karan d.kirubakaran
Tue Mar 13 23:17:36 PDT 2007

Hi all,

          I am currently working on a wi-fi driver and i want to get connected to an accesspoint available. The driver uses wpa_supplicant to control itz interface .

My motive is to get a list of Access Points and get connected with one. I am referring to the wpa_supplicant code but there is no provision for returning a list of access points since, SIOCGIWAPLIST is deprecated. Could someone tell me how to obtain a list of APs?

And another problem i am facing is when i try to connect with an AP.
I am using just a WEP encryption .
I tried just using SIOCSIWENCODE but it gives an error stating invalid arguments for setting the key.
I tried using SIOCSIWENCODEEXT but then it is not recognizing  the structure iw_encode_ext even though it is defined in the wireless.h header file. 

could some one help me out there plz..


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