Dan Williams dcbw
Wed Mar 14 06:42:51 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-13 at 23:17 -0700, kiruba karan wrote:
> Hi all,
>           I am currently working on a wi-fi driver and i want to get
> connected to an accesspoint available. The driver uses wpa_supplicant
> to control itz interface .

Does this mean you are developing a kernel driver for a wireless card?

> My motive is to get a list of Access Points and get connected with
> one. I am referring to the wpa_supplicant code but there is no
> provision for returning a list of access points since, SIOCGIWAPLIST
> is deprecated. Could someone tell me how to obtain a list of APs?

Userspace requests a scan using the SIOCSIWSCAN command.  Userspace
requests scan _results_ with SIOCGIWSCAN.

See the code in driver_wext.c in wpa_supplicant, wpa_driver_wext_scan()
which starts the scan request, and wpa_driver_wext_get_scan_results()
which starts the process of retrieving the scan results from the driver.

You could also look at and copy the code from airo.c that handles the
GIWSCAN command.  It's all pretty standard.  Your driver will append a
series of records to the response that contain various parameters of the
BSSID from the scan result.  Each BSSID in the scan response starts with
the SIOCGIWAP tag, and other tags like ESSID, FREQ, etc follow.  The
next BSSID starts with another SIOCGIWAP tag.

Again, look at airo.c's airo_get_scan() function in the airo kernel

> And another problem i am facing is when i try to connect with an AP.
> I am using just a WEP encryption .
> I tried just using SIOCSIWENCODE but it gives an error stating invalid
> arguments for setting the key.

This appears to be a driver bug.  Can you post the sources to the driver
so we can figure out where the problem might lie?

> I tried using SIOCSIWENCODEEXT but then it is not recognizing the
> structure iw_encode_ext even though it is defined in the wireless.h
> header file. 

The driver should support _both_ ENCODEEXT and ENCODE to be fully


> could some one help me out there plz..
> regards,
> Kiruba
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