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Peter Hartmann peter
Sun Jan 21 07:04:26 PST 2007


--- Pavel Roskin <proski at> ---

>> i do not really know whether the problem is at the wlan-ng-drivers or at
>> wpa_supplicant; wpa_supplicant says the driver is not wpa-capable. however,
>> i've heard of the wlan-ng drivers running with wpa_supplicant.
> If you refer to any information, it's better that you provide the
> reference, so that others can check it too.  You could have
> misunderstood something.  I don't think linux-wlan-ng is WPA capable, at
> least in the form it's released publicly.

i read it on
which is the wiki for "grml", a debian-based linux distribution; they
seem to have tested wpa_supplicant with linux-wlan-ng and (strangely on
first sight) hostap-driver.
so probably the problem is not the wlan-ng drivers in itself, but the
version of it or of wpa_supplicant or of both in conjunction (??), so i
think i'm giving up.


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