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Pavel Roskin proski
Sun Jan 21 08:37:49 PST 2007

Quoting Peter Hartmann <peter at>:

> i read it on
> which is the wiki for "grml", a debian-based linux distribution; they
> seem to have tested wpa_supplicant with linux-wlan-ng and (strangely on
> first sight) hostap-driver.
> so probably the problem is not the wlan-ng drivers in itself, but the
> version of it or of wpa_supplicant or of both in conjunction (??), so i
> think i'm giving up.

I tend to think that the page your are referring to is unreliable.  This
particular bit of information was added by an anonymous user at,
and no change description was provided.  Unlike Wikipedia, there are too few
users of grml who could have fixed it.

Even if AbsoluteValue Systems ever made linux-wlan-ng WPA capable, they would
use MLME or wireless extensions, not the hostap interface.  And I'm sure I
would have heard it in either case, being a subscriber of linux-wlan-ng and
hostap lists for years.

Pavel Roskin

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