Can't authenticate: WPA, RaLink 2500 (NdisWrapper), SpeedTouch 580 router

Santiago Garcia Mantinan hostap
Mon May 15 14:23:13 PDT 2006

> In this kind of case, wpa_supplicant ends up sending the EAPOL-Key frame
> 2/4 to the source address of the EAPOL-Key 1/4, i.e., 00:0e:50:b2:b9:f2.
> However, the AP is using another MAC address as the BSSID. It is unclear
> whether the mismatch in address would be confusing the AP and it would
> actually want to get the reply to 00:11:f5:89:f7:57. Alternatively, it
> could still want to get the reply to 00:0e:50:b2:b9:f2, but with PMK
> derived using the BSSID, not this address..
> Would you be willing to test couple of experimental patches to
> wpa_supplicant to go through all the possible combinations to figure out
> what exactly the AP wants to see here?

I think that the original poster changed the router, but I have access to
one and I have hostap and madwifi drived stuff to test with the speedtouch.
The only way I've been able to connect with this router from linux has been
using a ralink card using the internal wpa implementation, not
wpa_supplicant, all other cards I have need wpa_supplicant and thus are not
able to connect to the router.

I'm willing to test any patches to try to help sort this out so that
wpa_supplicant and thus most of Linux drivers can connect to this router.

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