hostapd driver_devicescape + rt2500 wifi card

Francois-Xavier ROURE fx_roure
Mon May 15 11:53:55 PDT 2006

i've seen a new driver in the cvs of hostapd : devicescape driver, what's the current status of this driver ? 
I ask this question because i've tried to setup an AP with a ralink pci card using the rt2500 driver for linux. But unfortunately it didn't work well :/, i can see the AP when i scan with another pc: iwlist wlan0 scan show me the AP with the correct parameters (the log of hostapd show some "STA 00:13:d3:74:be:72 sent probe request for broadcast SSID") but i cannot associate with it (no message appears in the log). I don't know if it's a driver issue or an issue in the driver devicescape of hostapd. 
Maybe someone could give me a hint to know where is the problem ? 


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